Dear Parent

Based on our Christian beliefs, our purpose is to meet, to the best of our ability, your child's basic needs (social, intellectual, physical and emotional) with love, integrity, hard work and self-discipline. ZooZoo Land is a haven where your child will feel loved, safe, and content and will have loads of FUN. We provide a nurtured environment where your child can build a foundation for continued learning. 

A feeling of self worth is one of the greatest attributes that you can give a child. Your child will be taught how to make good choices, display good manners, and work independently as well as in a group, to take responsibility, to share and to respect. 

Introduction:   Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mishje Cooper. I am a mother of two and from a very young age, my love for children was apparent. Upon entering a room, I was always drawn to the children. 

Children have always been at ease in my presence while parents have been exceptionally comfortable leaving their children in my care. After matriculating, it came as no surprise to anyone when I decided to embark on an au pair trip to the United States of America.  

Ever since my fruitful and invigorating experience as an au pair, I have always had a desire to work with children.