• Every child is unique and our goal is to teach your child the skills and values needed for life, including responsibility, respect and honesty.  Creative illustration is an important part of promoting your child’s imagination.  As children create and imagine, they form their own unique personalities.
  • Visual perception activities exercise your child’s ability for the distinction between shapes and sizes.
  • Vocabulary development is very important and at an early age they should learn to listen, speak, read and write.
  • Social play: Consideration of others, good attitudes, and sharing, are essential factors in developing acceptable social skills.
  • Math & Science: We need to understand number-numeral relationships, measurements, problem solving and the concept of sets.  Your child will be taught to match and compare objects within a group.
  • Art Touching, shaping, and pasting will sharpen your child’s motor skills and logical thinking.  It is also important for individual creative expression and visual problem solving.
  • Music gives your child confidence to develop vocal skills and promotes healthy children by persuading them to experience independence of movement in their surroundings.

Coetzer -”Dis te oulik, dankie vir alles wat julle vir die kleintjies doen. Dis n wonderlike skool en Nia en Roo is vreeslik gelukkig. Kon nie n beter skool vir hulle gekry het nie”

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Sean – “I just like to say how very happy we are with your amazing ZooZoo Land! We have finally found a place we are comfortable sending our precious angel to!”