Healthy Snack Policy

“A healthy child is a happy child.” For this reason

  • a bowl of porridge is provided every morning between 7:00 and 7:45.
  • lunch is nutritionally balanced, also provided by us and contains the required food components and nutrition portion sizes for different aged children. The menu is displayed on the notice board, and should your child be allergic to any of the foods provided, please send a replacement meal for that day.
  • We do ask that you send your child to school daily with the following healthy snack – a healthy sandwich, yoghurt and a portion of fruit.

Below we have listed other examples of what is an appropriate healthy snack item and what is inappropriate and unacceptable.  Please note all inappropriate snack items will be sent home and not given at snack time.

Appropriate Snack Item Inappropriate Snack Item
Healthy sandwich Sweets
Eggs Chips
Yoghurt Chocolate
Fruit Fizzy drinks
Rice cakes Two minute noodles
Provita Mini cheddar
Cracker bread Biscuits
Tomatoes Nuggets
Cucumber Burgers
Cheese Wraps
Biltong Muffins
Dried fruit
Jelly and custard

While this health snack policy applies to our everyday snack because it is imperative for children to eat healthily, we do however have treat days for the children during the course of the year such as Pizza day, movie and popcorn day etc.  On these special occasions, the treat foods will be advised in advance.

Please refer to our Birthday Policy for your little ones special day.

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