Common infectious Diseases in Children




Signs & symptoms


Incubation period




Infectious Period


What to do


Time child must stay at home




Red eyes with purulent discharge.  Eyes irritated & itchy.  Sensitive to light.


2 -4 days


No specific measures.  General hygiene – no sharing of towels or face cloths.  Use disposable tissues.


Until eyes have improved.


Clean eyes with cool, boiled water and cotton wool.   Antibiotic cream/drops needs to be prescribed by doctor.


Until eyes have improved.

Children may return to school once antibiotic eye treatment has started the infectious stage of the eye is cleared within a two (2)  to three (3) day period, and once the eye has stopped having a purulent discharge it stops being contagious.

ZooZoo Land protocol for dealing with Conjunctivitis is as follows:   Children with a suspected case of Conjunctivitis need to be seen by a Medical practitioner, and either “cleared” to attend school, or be given the required treatment. After a four (4) day period and when the eye is no longer showing a discharge, it is advised the treatment be continued until the course is finished.

Due to the high risk of infection any child arriving with “pink eyes” will be asked to go home until a Medical Practitioner has confirmed that it is not Conjunctivitis.