Christmas Craft Gift Idea

Button Jewelry
By www.parents.comss_101628837

String buttons and felt and paper flowers onto yarn and chenille stems to make adorable necklaces and rings.

What you’ll need: Narrow chenille stems, mini hole punch, felt and paper flower embellishments, scissors, assorted buttons, yarn or thin cord

Make it: To make rings, cut a short length of chenille stem and bring ends together to form a loop. Punch two holes in the center of felt and paper flowers and stack them onto the chenille stem loop (keeping the ends together): Thread one end of the chenille stem through one hole in the flowers and button; repeat with the other end of the pipe cleaner on the second hole. Twist the ends together, trim excess if needed, and make sure there are no sharp ends sticking up. To make necklaces, thread yarn through stacked flowers and buttons.