Baby care: (1 – 18 Months) zoozooland babycare002

small20Your baby is provided with dedicated care and attention. We allow a maximum of 16 babies per room, in order to minimize the risk of infections but have a small ratio of 1:4 to maximize the attention per child.Babies should be allowed to crawl to develop specific motor skills, but they cannot be allowed to do so in an unsafe and unclean environment. We therefore pride ourselves on our extremely clean and hygienic environment. The nappy changing and food preparation stations are separated as well. Hand washing is an integral part of the care process as well.It is very important for the development of babies that toys are put in their mouths but when toys are being played with in a group environment, it can lead to the spread of germs and viruses. Therefore, babies are provided with different sets of toys and will be sterilized regularly. This will also ensure that babies are stimulated, as they will not be playing with the same toys everyday.

Amelia – “I just want to say thank you to you and your staff for rendering an excellent and professional service to us. Our baby boy is sooo happy and well looked after. Much appreciated.”


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Michelle – “I’m totally impressed with Isabella’s first few days at ZooZoo Land. WOW, awesome staff and a lovely atmosphere. I can’t believe how anxious I was and how it’s been a smooth week for her. Thank you so much!”